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Measuring communication distance between UD100 and Bluetooth cell phone, UD100 and UD100

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Test 1: UD100 and Bluetooth cell phone


The notebook, UD100 and Bluetooth cell phone are shown in the picture above.

Business card file: sample.vcf (56 bytes)

Bluetooth driver of the UD100: Toshiba Bluetooth driver (v6.00.03)

Test environment: open space without obstacles and other Bluetooth devices

Following images show how to send business card file from notebook to Bluetooth cell phone. More >

Parani Multi Wizard Software Tool Released

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

“Parani Multi Wizard” software tool is now available to download. “Parani Multi Wizard” is the software tool for the multiple connection mode configuration of the Parani-SD and Parani-ESD products(SD1000, ESD1000, ESD100V2/110V2).

Click here to download the software

Product Document Update

The user manuals of the ESD1000, ESD100V2/110V2, SD1000 have been updated.

Updated list is as follows.

·         Parani-ESD1000:
“3.8 Parani Multi Wizard ” is added.

·         Parani-ESD100V2/110V2:
“3.8 Parani Multi Wizard ” is added.

·         Parani-SD1000:
“3.11 Parani Multi Wizard ” is added.

Click here to download the updated user manual

Remote I/O control using Rhio10

Monday, November 30th, 2009


1. Overview
Rhio10 is a remote I/O management device that can communicate with remote digital sensors and actuators through 10 Base-T Ethernet network.
– Outputs:

– Number of channels: 10

– Output type: Relay

– Rated load: 3A/240VAC

– Inputs:

– Number of channels: 12

– Input type: Voltage

– Input circuitry: Optically isolated photo-coupler

– Input range: 0V ∼ ±24V

– ADCs: 4channels 10-bit, Voltage 0V ~ Aref(2~5V)

Using the Rhio Manager Windows application program, user can configure the Rhio10, perform a system I/O test or monitor the system, and communicate with Rhio10s using predefined protocol.

This document shows how to configure and manage the Rhio10 with Rhio Manager.

2. Hardware connection of Rhio10
2.1 Power connection

Connects power supply to Rhio10 directly.(9V~48VDC, MAX. 5W, Regardless of +/- polarity)

More Details>

New Bluetooth Class 1 OEM Modules – Parani-ESD100V2 & Parani-ESD110V2

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009
Sena Technologies, Inc. a leading provider of industrial Bluetooth and networking solutions, announced the release of its latest Bluetooth OEM modules Parani-ESD100V2 & Parani-ESD110V2.

The Parani-ESD100V2 & Parani-ESD110V2 are Bluetooth 2.0+EDR Class 1 OEM modules designed for OEM manufacturers to embed Bluetooth functionality into their products at design level in the shortest period of time and cost effectively. The Parani-ESD100V2/ESD110V2 support 100 meters of wireless transmit distance and the transmit distance of Parani-ESD110V2 can be extended up to 1000 meters using optional antennas.


Parani-ESD110v2 Parani-ESD100v2



The Parani-ESD100V2/110V2 are replacement products of Parani-ESD100/ESD110. The Parani-ESD100V2/ESD110V2 are pin-to-pin compatible with the Parani-ESD100/ESD110, and support the same set of AT commands.

The Parani-ESD100V2 & Parani-ESD110V2 and their starter kits are now shipping and available. For more information on pricing and technical specifications, please visit Sena Bluetooth modules product web page.

About Sena Technologies, Inc.:
Sena Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of industrial Bluetooth and networking solutions especially for M2M (Machine-to-Machine) communication since 1998. Sena offers its products worldwide through its global network of distributors, resellers and OEM partners.

LM048: Bluetooth RS232 Cable Replacement

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

The world’s smallest Bluetooth RS232 Adapter.

Bluetooth RS232 Adapter - LM048Bluetooth RS232 Adapter – LM048

The LM048 has flow control on pins 7 & 8 were as the LM048DTR has handshaking on pins 4 & 6. This is hardwired and is supplied to you as two part numbers for this product.

Designed to replace RS232 serial cables. A Bluetooth Class 1 device with up to 100m range (free space). Easy to setup and configure using LM Technologies LM049 user interface. Our fully featured firmware provides you with the flexibility to configure the LM048 to your specific application. The added security of Bluetooth+EDR allows safe and secure data transfer and its small size makes it an industry winner as a non protruding connector.

Applications include: data transfer between EPOS / POS terminal and receipt printer, medical equipment results being read by the consultant on their PDA, Vending Machine audit data being transferred to the operators PDA / Blackberry, bar code scanners to our printer adapter, changing the image on outdoor signage / scoreboards, results data gathering from many types of instrumentation, controlling security systems.

Contents include:

  • Bluetooth RS232 Mini Adapter
  • Users Manual
  • Software
  • Power Adapter
  • 9pin d-sub to 9pin m/m d-sub adapter
  • USB Cable

Specs and Pricing


Please contact headquarters in Barrington:
580 Maple Avenue, Suite 1
Barrington, RI 02806
Tel: 866-345-3667
Fax: 401-289-2382

For California enquiries please contact:
James R. McAuley
Sales Manager


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