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LEMOS RF Design Services Now Available

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Lemos International stands ready to supply your business with reliable high-quality RF devices backed by comprehensive RF design services. The Lemos International RF Design Team is prepared to work with your in-house engineers or support your RF project from initial design to implementation.  Lemos International making your RF ideas into profitable products.


Fighting Bacteria with the DataNet in Europe

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

Fourier spoke to Marcial Ferro from MF Instruments, Spain, about the leading applications he is finding for the DataNet multi-unit wireless system. In a hot country like Spain public buildings, labs, government offices, hotels and hospitals must take all available precautions against the spread of bacterial infection, particularly through water. Water towers and systems serving all of the listed industries have turned to MF Instruments to implement the DataNet system to provide trusted wireless temperature and humidity monitoring across large networks.

Monitoring public water with the DataNet. A particular concern MF Instruments have noticed is the spread of the bacteria – lechionella – and clean, hygienic water is essential to battle this. Hospitals, with weak patients, open wounds and intrusive treatments such as intravenous drips or catheters make for high risk from bacterial infections. However, public buildings where many people share facilities also face similar and increasing risks. Microorganisms have range limitations and live in an optimal temperature niche. Therefore the temperature of refrigerators, water towers or systems must be kept low.



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