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Parani Multi Wizard Software Tool Released

“Parani Multi Wizard” software tool is now available to download. “Parani Multi Wizard” is the software tool for the multiple connection mode configuration of the Parani-SD and Parani-ESD products(SD1000, ESD1000, ESD100V2/110V2).

Click here to download the software

Product Document Update

The user manuals of the ESD1000, ESD100V2/110V2, SD1000 have been updated.

Updated list is as follows.

·         Parani-ESD1000:
“3.8 Parani Multi Wizard ” is added.

·         Parani-ESD100V2/110V2:
“3.8 Parani Multi Wizard ” is added.

·         Parani-SD1000:
“3.11 Parani Multi Wizard ” is added.

Click here to download the updated user manual


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