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Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS)

In the United States, the Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS) is an unlicensed two-way radio service similar to Citizens Band (CB). Established by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission in the fall of 2000, MURS created a radio service allowing for unlicensed (Part 95) operation, with a power limit of 2 watts.

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OEM's worldwide use Radiometrix VHF and UHF RF transmitter, RF receiver and RF transceiver modules in applications ranging from telemetry, remote control, RF modems, EPOS networking, environmental monitoring and automotive electronics.

* First generation TX, RX and transceivers are not recommended for new designs

All Radiometrix RF modules are ETS 300-220 or MPT1340 - approved products and can be supplied with designers kits for rapid prototyping. High-quality technical support further reduces the development times of Radiometrix customers. OEM's choose Radiometrix products because of technical superiority, reliability, and global availability through qualified distributors. Lemos International is the sole qualified distributor of Radiometrix products in North America.

Radiometrix specializes in the design and manufacturing of low power radio modules which help to rapidly implement high-reliability, cable-free data links. They are the industry's leading developer of "off-the-shelf", license-exempt miniature RF modules.

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