V-Mesh Networking

Virtual Extension high performance VEmesh for IoT networks have been used in a variety of additional industrial, security, and automotive applications requiring robust, resilient and bi-directional wireless mesh networking capabilities.

Industrial Bluetooth

We offer Industrial Bluetooth products that include Bluetooth serial adapters, OEM Modules, Access Points, and USB Adapters.

Industrial Bluetooth Headset

SENA Industrial Bluetooth headsets provide noise cancellation hearing protection while keeping you alert and allowing the user instant intercom communication for seamless interactions and accurate and steady work flow.

Wireless RF Data Modules

We offer a wide range of RF modules from low-power short range to high-power long range RF Data Modules as well as (MURS) Multi-Use Radio Service Modules.


We offer an innovative line of precision SC-Cut OCXOs, TCXOs, VCXOs, and PLL designs from 1 MHz to 2.4 GHZ and GPS timing modules.


SENA’s Bluetooth USB Adapter is a class 1 type Bluetooth product that supports 300 meters of wireless transmission distance by default.

A Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Private LoRa

Extremely versatile with a long range, the SPH10 Bluetooth 3.0 stereo headset.

27 MHz 10kHz channel NBFM NTX0 transmitter and NRX0 receiver operate on license exempt 27MHz SRD HF.

HX1-144 MHz transmitter modules for 300mW RF output VHF data link in Radiometrix pin-out and footprint.

Industrial Tufftalk Earmuff Bluetooth Communication Headset

Industrial Bluetooth Access Point, Class 1

Bluetooth Serial Adapter - Parani-SD 1000 Bluetooth Serial Adapter Single-Pack

500mW Multi-channel VHF transceiver SHX1

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