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Bluetooth USB Adapter

SENA’s Bluetooth USB Adapter is a class 1 type Bluetooth product that supports 300 meters of wireless transmission distance by default. It is suitable for industrial or special applications, thanks to its longer communication distance than other regular Bluetooth USB adapters. It is compatible with other SENA Bluetooth devices perfectly. The Parani-UD100 is a class […]

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Radiometrix releases UHF radio data receiver

The RX3G is a PLL synthesiser-based miniature PCB-mounted UHF radio data receiver device. When used in conjunction with the matching TX3B-869-64 transmitters, the RX3G receiver can facilitate the implementation of wireless infrastructure that is capable of supporting speeds of 64kbits/s and transmission ranges up to 75 meters in buildings or 300 meters over open ground. […]

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