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Multiple Connection Mode feature of Parani-SD1000 & Parani-ESD products

As you may know, one of the competitive-edge features of Parani-SD1000 and Parani-ESD (ESD1000, ESD100v2 and ESD110v2) Bluetooth products is that; they support multiple connection mode feature. Now that; we have released a software utility, “Parani Multi Wizard”, that allows configuration of multiple connection mode feature. In the space below, let me summarize you about […]

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Measuring communication distance between UD100 and Bluetooth cell phone, UD100 and UD100

Test 1: UD100 and Bluetooth cell phone The notebook, UD100 and Bluetooth cell phone are shown in the picture above. Business card file: sample.vcf (56 bytes) Bluetooth driver of the UD100: Toshiba Bluetooth driver (v6.00.03) Test environment: open space without obstacles and other Bluetooth devices Following images show how to send business card file from […]

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