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VX2M NBFM Vibration Resistant Category 1 Multi-channel Transceiver

VX2M is a 400MHz band transceiver conforming to the Radiometrix TR2M pinout. It uses a sophisticated combination of techniques to produce a very robust device with excellent resistance to vibration. It meets the ETSI Category 1 high performance receiver specification to be used where the operation of a SRD may have inherent safety of human […]

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Lemos International Helps University of Michigan Aerospace Students Fly Around the Globe

A University of Michigan Aerospace Engineering senior design team, sponsored by Lemos International and the Michigan Exploration Laboratory (MXL), is currently developing a global high-altitude balloon module they plan to fly around the globe by January 2020 on a homebrew hydrogen balloon. Lemos International has sponsored the module‚Äôs communications subsystem by supplying UHX1/SHX1 radios to […]

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