FCC Part 90 Compliant Modules

Radiometrix low power radio modules are available on FCC Unlicensed band frequencies. Many modules operate under FCC Part 15.231 (315MHz, 418MHz or 433MHz) and FCC Part 15.249 (915MHz), subject to limitations on Effective Radiated Power (ERP) or Electric Field Strength at 3 metres.

FCC Part 90 Compliant modules, 914MHz/915MHz products and custom frequencies are also available.

See our lastest product for the North American market, the FCC Part 90 Compliant QPX1 Transceiver.
This 2 Watt Transceiver is ideally suited to long range telemetry and command applications.

The following 12.5kHz channel spacing Narrow Band FM Radiometrix Modules can be customised to operate on one of the above bands.

QPX1 2 Watt RF output, VHF, FCC Part 90 Compliant, 10km range
SMX1 VHF, 128 channel, 10mW, usable range over 1km
TR1M VHF, 100mW RF output, 128 channels, usable range over 1km
TX1M VHF, 100mW, 128 channels, matching receiver RX1M, usable range over 1km
QPT1 2 Watt, FCC Part 90 Compliant, range over 10km
RX1M Matching Transmitter TX1M