New 154 MHz Ling Range FCC approved and Certified MURS modules made specifically for the US market


These 154 MHz transmitters are specially designed for the USA,

No license is required Operating range of up to 6 miles (10 Km) possible.

It gives an operating range of up to 6 miles (10 Km). The transmitters can control any electronic or electrical operated device when used with the FMR154… series of receivers.

It has a transmission power of 1 Watt and a current consumption of only 250mA. Ideal for many applications requiring low current consumption.

Receivers with 12 Volt AC/DC, 24 Volt AC/DC and 120 Volt AC supply is available.

The channel inputs can be activated by switches, toggle switches, PLC activation or any normally open (NO) contact that is shorted.