New 154 MHz Ling Range FCC approved and Certified MURS modules made specifically for the US market

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These 154 MHz transmitters are specially designed for the USA,

No license is required Operating range of up to 6 miles (10 Km) possible.

It gives an operating range of up to 6 miles (10 Km). The transmitters can control any electronic or electrical operated device when used with the FMR154… series of receivers.

It has a transmission power of 1 Watt and a current consumption of only 250mA. Ideal for many applications requiring low current consumption.

Receivers with 12 Volt AC/DC, 24 Volt AC/DC and 120 Volt AC supply is available.

The channel inputs can be activated by switches, toggle switches, PLC activation or any normally open (NO) contact that is shorted.