VHF NB FM High Power Transmitter



This is the Radiometrix HX1 300mW Radio Module available in three frequencies:

  • 144.800Mhz suitable for Euro APRS. This is a -10 Module.
  • 144.390Mhz suitable for US APRS. This is a -10 Module.
  • 145.175Mhz suitable for Australian APRS. This is a -3 Module.

This is not legal to fly this in the UK and generally you need an amateur radio license to use this (please check with your local legislation). This is
the module used on the Trackuino.

  • Transmit power: 300mW (24.7dBm) nominal
  • Supply range: 5V regulated
  • Current consumption: 140mA nominal transmit
  • Data bit rate: 3kbps max.
  • Size: 43 x 15 x 5mm

Purchasers needs to submit a valid amateur ham radio license when placing the purchase order for the HX1-144.390 modules.

A member of our customer service team will contact you for your valid FCC License/call sign before this item can be shipped.