Bluetooth v4.1 Dual Mode Module - LM961

Programmable (Stack Onboard) USB/UART PCM Interfaces. Onboard IC Antenna. The LM961 meets the needs of a wide range of applications including industrial and home automation, EPOS, data loggers, barcode readers, metering devices and systems with large interface requirements, such as keyboards.



  • Upgradable to Bluetooth? v4.2
  • Firmware support
  • Applications available
  • SMT Side and Bottom Pads for easy production

Bluetooth v4.1 Dual Mode Module – LM961

Bluetooth v4.1 LM961 module is a powerful, versatile and cost effective solution designed for use as a GAP Central (master) or GAP Peripheral device.

This allows your embedded system to wirelessly communicate with other nearby Bluetooth? and Bluetooth low energy enabled devices (e.g. iOS and Android).

The LM961 is also ideal for streaming high quality data and establishing Bluetooth? low energy connections. This single core standalone module combines
a Bluetooth? and Bluetooth? low energy radio using a dual mode Bluetooth? v4.1 stack, plus a microcontroller unit with an 8 Mbit flash memory for running
the application. It also incorporates 29 pin outs, including I2C, UART and USB for interfacing with sensors and many other peripheral devices. It’s
SMT side and bottom pads allow for easy manufacture and placement within your product. LM offer bespoke integration into your product by supporting
your developer, including development of new applications for the module.

Bluetooth v4.1 Dual Mode demo applications

We also offer Bluetooth Dual Mode demo applications, which can be customised to your specification. The module can be used as a bridge between Bluetooth?
and Bluetooth? low energy devices, using our SPP to Serial Bridge Application.

Developed firmware and configuration settings can be preloaded to the module before supply.

The LM55X allows you to evaluate the LM961 capabilities. See the LM55x Bluetooth Dual Mode Development and Evaluation Product Family.

Bluetooth Applications

The LM961 module can run full application code for a wide range of industries. This includes the automotive, M2M (industrial cable replacement), EPOS,
health & fitness and consumer electronics (e.g. printers and wearable technology) industries. The LM961 is only limited by the imagination of the
embedded developer. The module can run Bluetooth? low energy, Bluetooth? or Bluetooth? low energy applications.

Depending on whether the embedded developer requires a low energy Bluetooth connection, a high-quality data stream, a Bluetooth connection, or both simultaneously.
LM offers both Bluetooth low energy and Bluetooth application support, this includes assisting the developer and creating new applications with the
LM961 modules.

Downloads & Datasheets

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