Bluetooth Serial Adapter - Parani Industrial Bluetooth Access Point, Class 1, up to 28 connections


The Parani-MSP1000C is an Industrial Bluetooth Access Point that connects Bluetooth devices to 10/100 Base-T Ethernet network. Supporting point to multi-point connectivity to 28 points.

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Parani-MSP1000C Features:

  • Connects Bluetooth devices to 10/100 base-T Ethernet.
  • Dual Ethernet Interface support
  • Supports Up to 3Mbps throughput
  • Ideal wireless solution for the replacement of the wired multi-port serial card.
  • 28 Bluetooth Connections support
  • Supports Bluetooth profiles for Serial Port, LAN Access, PAN, File Transfer and Dial up Networking.
  • Easy-to-use COM-Port redirector support
  • Flexible TCP/UDP host mode support: Multiple host connection/data transfer
  • System logging & port logging
  • Supports Python Script Engine for customization
  • Supports firmware upgrade via web, hyper terminal program or etc.
  • Supports surge protector
  • Supports RFC 2217, Telnet COM Port Control Protocol.

Parani-MSP1000C Specifications:

Parani MSP1000

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