VHF Narrow Band FM Receiver


The RX1 form a miniature VHF radio transmitter/receiver pair designed for PCB mounting and suitable for extended range data links at speeds up to 10kbps. Link ranges of 10km+ are achievable.

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Typical features include:

  • CE Certified by independent Notified Body
  • Verified to comply with harmonised radio standard ETSI EN 300 220-3 by accredited Test Laboratory
  • Verified to comply with harmonised EMC standard ETSI EN 301 489-3 by accredited Test Laboratory
  • Frequencies available as standard: 173.225MHz, 173.250MHz
  • Other frequencies from 151.300MHz to 173.250MHz available to order
  • Data rates to 10 kb/s with 25kHz channel spacing
  • Usable range to 10km+
  • Screened construction

Available for licence-exempt operation in the UK 173MHz bands, the TX1 & RX1 modules combine effective screening with internal filtering to minimize
spurious radiation and susceptibility thereby ensuring EMC compliance. They are particularly suitable for one-to-one and multi-node wireless links
where longer ranges are required at low to moderate data rates. Applications include building security, EPOS and inventory tracking, remote industrial
process monitoring and data networks. Because of their small size and low power consumption, both modules are ideal for use in battery-powered portable
applications such as hand-held terminals.

Transmitter – TX1

  • 2 stage crystal controlled, NBFM modulated at up to 10 kb/s
  • Operation from 2.2V to 12V @ 9.5mA
  • Built-in regulator for improved stability and supply noise rejection
  • Exceptional power efficiency, typically 35% DC ? RF@ 3V supply
  • +10dBm (10mW) RF output
  • Harmonics typically -70dBc
  • Enable facility

Receiver – RX1

  • Single conversion NBFM superhet
  • Image rejection >50dB
  • Operation from 2.7V to 10V @ 12mA
  • Built-in regulator for improved stability and supply noise rejection
  • 10kb/s, -116dBm sensitivity @ 1ppm BER
  • RSSI output with >80dB range
  • Local oscillator leakage <-60 dBm
  • Enable facility

Downloads & Datasheets

  1. Full Specs PDF