Bluetooth V5.1 with Bluetooth Low Energy


  • Bluetooth V5.1 with Bluetooth Low Energy
  • SILABS EFR32BG21A020F512IM32-B 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M33 core industry-standard chip
  • Can connect 8 Host-Client RYBG21x modules at the same time.
  • Metal cover against EMI interference
  • Control easily by AT commands
  • Standard Generic Attribute Profile (GATT)
  • Designed with PCB integrated antenna


The RYBG211 is a Bluetooth V5.1 Low Energy Module.

By using the AT command which is developed by REYAX, your products could be fast and easily connected with the smartphones and all kinds of Bluetooth devices.

Item Min. Typical Max. Unit Condition
Operation Voltage 1.71 3.3 3.8 V VDD
RF Output Power 18.5 20 dBm
Active Current 185 200 mA
Advertising Average Current 6 mA
Sleep Current 5 uA
Wake Up Time 63 ms
UART Baud Rate 9600 115200 bps
RF Frequency Range 2400 2483.5 MHz
Flash erase cycles 10 K Cycles
Operating Temperature -40 25 +85 ˚C
Antenna Internal Antenna
Weight 1.2 g

Datasheets & Downloads

  1. Datasheet
  2. At Command Manual
  3. Android App
  4. Android App Source Code


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