Parani SD1000U-G01

Bluetooth Serial Adapter - SD1000U-G01 Adapter


The Parani-SD1000U is a class 1 type Bluetooth USB adapter for Serial Port Replacement that supports 300 meters of wireless transmission distance by default.

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Parani SD1000U-G01

The Parani SD1000U-G01 is a class 1 type Bluetooth USB adapter for Serial Port Replacement that supports 300 meters of wireless transmission distance by default.
The working distance can be further extended up to 1000 meters using an optional antenna can be replaceable.

It is suitable for industrial and special applications because it can cover longer communication distance (1000m) over other regular Bluetooth USB
adapter accessories.

WHAT’S IN THE BOX ? – Parani SD1000U-G01

  • 1x Parani-SD1000U unit, with protective cap
  • 1x Stub antenna(SAT-G01R)
  • 1x Quick Start Guide
  • 1x CD-ROM including Windows Bluetooth driver
  • 1x User Guide and Data sheet (hard copy)
  • Shipping weight is 65g

Parani-SD1000U-G01 is for Serial-Port Replacement SENA offers Industrial Bluetooth product line that includes Bluetooth Serial Adapters, Bluetooth Serial Modules,
Bluetooth Access Points, and Bluetooth USB adapters.

  • Bluetooth Serial products incorporate advanced features such as Bluetooth 1.2/2.0 Protocol Stack that includes Adaptive Frequency-hopping spread spectrum
    (AFH), software-free configuration support, Pairing feature, and flexible power options.
  • Bluetooth Access Points connect up to 28 Bluetooth devices to the 10/100 Base-T Ethernet network. SENA’s Bluetooth USB Adapters are suitable for industrial
    or special applications thanks to increased and reliable working distance over other regular Bluetooth USB adapters


  • Any device that accepts standard USB
  • All Parani SD series Serial Adapters, ESD series Embedded Modules, MSP series Access Points
  • Parani-SAT-G01R 1.0dBi Stub Antenna(300m Range) (as supplied with this pack)
  • Parani-DAT-G01R 3.0dBi Dipole Antenna(400m range)
  • Parani-DAT5-G01R 5.0dBi Dipole Antenna(600m Range)
  • Parani-PAT-G01R 9.0dBi Patch Antenna(1,000m Range)
  • Parani-SEC-G01R 15cm antenna extension cable
  • Parani-RFC-G01R 100cm(1.0m) extension cable


  • Bluetooth Specification v2.0 + EDR Class 1
  • Working distance (In an open field): Normally 300 meters, up to 1000m using patch antenna
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Windows CE.NET operating systems.
  • No Bluetooth driver required.
  • Provides transparent RS232 serial cable replacement for PC
  • Supports Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP)
  • Supports up to 4 multiple simultaneous connections
  • Interoperability with laptops, PDA terminals etc.
  • Easy to use Windows configuration tool available.

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