500mW Multichannel VHF transceiver SHX1



  • Conforms to ETSI EN 300 220-3 and EN 301 489-3
  • High performance double superhet PLL synthesizer
  • 500mW RF power output
  • Data rates up to 5 kbps for standard module
  • Usable range over 5km
  • Fully screened. Low profile
  • Feature-rich interface (RSSI, analogue and digital baseband)
  • Incorporate a 1200baud modem
  • Re-programmable via RS232 interface
  • Low power requirements

Technical Summary

  • Operating frequency: Any 3MHz segment in 140 – 175MHz
  • 8 parallel or 255 serial channels
  • Transmit power: 500mW (+27dBm) nominal
  • Supply range: +5V regulated
  • Current consumption: 280mA (at 500mW output) transmit, 20mA receive
  • Data bit rate: 5kbps max. (standard module)
  • Receiver sensitivity: -118dBm (for 12 dB SINAD)
  • Size: 67 x 30 x 9mm


  • Amateur radio
  • AMR
  • MURS units
  • Industrial telemetry and telecommand
  • High-end security systems
  • APRS systems
  • Vehicle data up/download
  • ROV/machinery controls

Please Note Disclaimer:

Lemos International does not assume any responsibility for errors nor any liability arising from the application or use of any sub-assemblies purchased through Lemos International, including fitness for any particular application.

The purchaser must satisfy all relevant FCC and Radio Regulations which applies to their finished product in the country of intended use. These modules transmit and/or receive radio signals and may not function as intended if interference is present.

Downloads & Datasheets

  1. Full Specs PDF


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