Wireless Bluetooth Car Diagnostic System

Automotive data acquisition can be simple and efficient using SENA Bluetooth devices.

When a car equipped with Parani-ESD100 stops at the parking lot, Parani-MSP1000 tries to find it using previously set IAC(Inquiry Access Code). Once it’s found, Parani-MSP1000 makes Bluetooth connections to Parani-ESD100.

Product: Parani-MSP1000
Connects Bluetooth devices to Ethernet
Supports various host modes for TCP/IP and Bluetooth communication
Bluetooth v2.0+EDR
Supports 7/14/28 Bluetooth connections
Searches specific devices using IAC(Inquiry Access Code)

  • Product: Parani-ESD100
    Low Cost OEM Bluetooth-Serial Module
    Bluetooth v1.2 Class 1
    Built-in antenna
  • Mileage
    Fuel efficiency
    Maximum speed
    Error code
    Other automotive info like engine temperature

Car can be diagnosed automatically
Exact diagnosis is possible using accumulated automotive data
Removing the long cable and complex wiring of typical automotive diagnosis using Bluetooth