UHF Radio Packet Controller


Radio Packet Controllers



The FRPC2 is a self-contained plug-on radio port which requires only a simple antenna, 5V supply and a byte-wide I/O port on a host microcontroller
(or bi-directional PC port). The module provides all the RF circuits and processor intensive low level packet formatting and packet recovery functions
required to interconnect an number of microcontrollers in a radio network.

A data packet of 1 to 60 bytes downloaded by a Host microcontroller into the FRPC2’s packet buffer is transmitted by the FRPC2’s transceiver and will “appear”
in the receive buffer of all the FRPC2’s within radio range.

A data packet received by the FRPC2’s transceiver is decoded, stored in a packet buffer and the Host microcontroller signaled that a valid packet is waiting
to be uploaded.

Typical features include:

SAW controlled FM transmitter and superhet receiver

Reliable 50m in-building range, 200m open ground

Built-in self-test / diagnostics / status LED’s

Complies with ETSI EN300 220-3 regulations

Complies with ETSI EN 301 489-3 regulations

Single 5V supply @ < 20mA

160kbit/s half duplex

Free format packets of 1 – 60 bytes

Packet framing and error checking are user transparent

Collision avoidance (Listen Before Transmit)

Direct interface to 5V CMOS logic

Power save mode

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