Car Diagnostic System using MSP1000 and ESD100

1. Overview

MSP1000 searches car diagnostic devices periodically. MSP1000 tries to connect to the car diagnostic device via Bluetooth SPP when it is found. Once Bluetooth connection is completed, MSP1000 tries to connect to the car diagnostic server over TCP/IP network. In this way, the car diagnostic data is stored to the server.

MSP1000 uses IAC (Inquiry Access Code) to search specific devices.

PC(Server) -(Ethernet)- MSP1000 -(Bluetooth)- ESD100 -(Serial)-Car Diagnostic device

2. MSP1000 System Configurations

2.1 Pairing Mode configuration

Pairing mode is set to ‘Connector’ for MSP1000 to search Bluetooth peripherals.

Above configuration, MSP1000 searches only the device which IAC is ‘0×9E8B20′ and connects to it.
– Scan interval :

Parani-MSP1000 searches nearby Bluetooth devices per this interval. This value means the time Parani-MSP1000 requires to recognize a new Bluetooth device.

Attention : Too short scan interval makes the data communication speed slower.

– Scan mode :

Parani-MSP1000 can search Bluetooth devices around it using IAC or device name.

– Inquiry access code (IAC) :

The range of IAC value is between 9e8b00 and 9e8b3f(Hexadecimal). Most of Bluetooth devices have the general IAC value – 9e8b33. But in case of the general IAC value, Parani-MSP1000 may find too many Bluetooth devices to connect besides what it really wants. To solve this problem, it is efficient to use a specific IAC or a user-defined IAC.

To use a specific or user-defined IAC, the IAC of target device that is going to be connected by Parani-MSP1000 must be modified.

– Remote device name :

Parani-MSP1000 searches the device whose name is the same as the value of ‘Remote device name’.

2.2 Port configuration

Select ‘Network service configuration’.

This configuration shows the TCP connection of server (

Please refer to ‘5.5.6 Network service’ section of Parani-MSP1000 manual.

3. Configuration of ESD100

Using following commands, ESD100 can be searched through specific IAC by Parani-MSP1000.

– AT+BTMODE,3 : Set to MODE3

– ATS45=9E8B20 => Set IAC to 9E8B20

The ‘CONNECT’ message confirms that ESD100 and MSP1000 are in connection.

4. Results