Remote upload & download system for CNC lathes

The customer wants to build a system to upload and download CNC lathe working data remotely from a central control room.

To achieve this goal, the Control software, Parani-SD100, and Parani-MSP1000 are used for this system. Parani-SD100s are connected to serial ports of CNC lathes (CITIZEN – CINCOM L20) and Parani-MSP1000’s communicate with control software over TCP/IP network.

There are 103 CNC lathes in two factories (about 30 CNC lathes on each floor), to be remotely controlled from the central control room.

System Configuration
PC (Central software, Serial/IP used) – (Ethernet) – Parani-MSP1000 – (Bluetooth) – Parani-SD100 – (Serial RS232) – CINCOM L20(CNC lathe)

The serial parameters of CNC lathe: 9600, 7, Even, 1, HWFC – DB25 (Straight cable)

7 data bits and even parity are used, so Parani-MSP1000 is used. (MSP100 is not applicable)

Configuration of Parani-MSP1000Set Pairing mode to ‘Custom’. Only specific Parani-SD can connect to Parani-MSP1000.

Set ‘Port pairing mode’ to ‘Acceptor’, and type in the BD address of Parani-SD.

Set ‘Network service mode’ to ‘Server’ and set ‘Local port number’ to connect to PC and to communicate with Serial/IP program.

Since Parani-SD does not support 7 data bits, enable Parani-MSP1000 serial data conversion feature between 7 data bits and 8 data bits.

Configuration of Parani-SD100
CNC lathe uses following serial parameter.

Baud rate : 9600 / Data bits : 7 / Parity : even / Stop bit : 1

First, search Parani-MSP1000 with ParaniWin. Once connected, then disconnect it.

Set operation mode to ‘MODE1′. The Parani-SD100 is always trying to connect to Parani-MSP1000.

Set command response to ‘OFF’, because CNC lathe does not handle the response of AT command.

Configuration of Serial/IPUsing the virtual COM port of Serial/IP, there is no need to customize legacy serial program.